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Oct 14, 2018

Abhinandan Kaul Speech As Headboy Delhi Public School Noida

Youth Leader Abhinandan Kaul signs in as Head Boy Delhi Public School, Noida.  He enjoyed support from all the different sections of the school community including teachers, students as well as the administrative and non- teaching staff.


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Jan 21, 2021

Things You'll Relate To If You Live In A PG Or Hostel

"In time hone vala hai yaar", is the misery of every hostel or PG resident. DU Beat presents things students living in a PG or hostel can relate to!



Dec 10, 2020

A Day In The Life Of Students During Exams

Itinerary for exam week: worrying about exams, covering the syllabus, calling friends, and...did we mention worrying about exams?! That’s what a day in the life of students during exams looks like. Watch Abhinandan Kaul in action!



Nov 19, 2020

Outstation Students VS Day Scholar Students

Are you team ‘PG ka Independence’ or team ‘Ghar ka Khana’? DU Beat presents Outstation Vs Day Scholar Students.


Jan 3, 2020

Types Of Friends In A Cafe

Every dine in at a cafe consists of different kinds of people who make it even more amusing! Do watch this highly relatable video starring Abhinandan Kaul and share with your friends!


Jul 18, 2016

Border At The Corner

Youthanasia 'Border At The Corner' is a short movie by Abhinandan Kaul which is based on the aftermath of the tragic partition of India - Pakistan and depicts the effect it had on the friendship of 2 school boys. It also delineates why peace and not war should be made between the 2 countries.


 Feb 20, 2021

Honest Society Interview In Delhi University

Deb soc, fashion soc, Eco soc...the list is endless. DU’s societies make it what it is!


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Jan 14, 2021

Annoying Things Final Year Students Of Delhi University Do

“Hum jab first-year mein thhey...”, from a final year student’s perspective is enough said! Watch Abhinandan Kaul in action!


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Dec 03, 2020

Types Of Students During Exams

College semester end exams! Need we say more?  Here are the types of students you will find during exams.



Nov 05, 2020

 Types Of Students During Delhi University (DU) Admissions

Delhi University has dedicated a lot of time and energy in order to welcome new students to college. Delhi University admissions can be challenging. However, let’s not forget what we are in store for -- all the ‘aspirant enthusiasm’.



May 31, 2020

How To Get 90% in boards | Podcast

We've been there, we've done that. Do watch the video if you're a school student for tips and tricks to ace your examinations!


Jan 30, 2021

How To Ruin Your College Semester

Confused about the path you must tread on to ensure you ruin your semester? Watch this video to find out! (Meant for satire)


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Jan 08, 2021

Types Of Resolutions Made By Students

New year, new me? The onset of a new year after 2020 sounds really exciting but...what’s different, really? Watch this video on Types of Resolutions Made by Students to know!


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Nov 26, 2020

Things 2020 Freshers Can Relate To

The online procedures, the endless wait, and the constant refreshing of the online portals — can you relate? Watch Abhinandan Kaul in action!


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March 17, 2020

Types Of People In College Fests

Amidst the self quarantine that we all have been subjected to, due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, let’s witness the various types of people one encounters during the college fest season!


Jun 5, 2018

Youthanasia- The Story Of A Boy Who Lost All Hope

Youthanasia is a short movie by Abhinandan Kaul that focuses on the problem of bullying and aggression among teens. The movie depicts the life of a boy who is constantly bullied and troubled in his school. When he confronts his parents about it and asks them for help, they don't listen to him and suggest that bullying is just a "part of growing up". He therefore feels that he's left with no option and tries to commit suicide..